An online repository, a VDR is used for a variety of reasons which include facilitation of M&A procedures, fundraising and the release of an IPO. They enable the secure sharing of confidential documents among different parties, which is essential for business transactions such as these. Users can view and download documents in a virtual dataroom without having to worry about them being taken by competitors or stealing.

Mergers and acquisitions are the most commonly used applications of VDRs, but companies also need to share sensitive documents with partners outside for purposes such as due diligence. These projects often require teams to collaborate from different locations. It is difficult for them all to get together and review physical documents. A vdr for M&A can ease this process by giving access to data 24/7 via an encrypted secure connection which is accessible from any device.

A vdr can also be useful for M&A, as it protects valuable intellectual property from being copied or misappropriated. IP is a significant source of revenue for a majority of companies, so securing it is crucial. A VDR can allow businesses to store all IP-related documentation in a secured place and allow it to be quickly shared with other parties as required. This is particularly beneficial for startups that depend on IP to expand and for their survival.