Scanguard is an anti-virus program which protects your PC as well as devices from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, and other security threats. It also includes other tools to help you stay safe online, such as a password vault and monitoring of data breaches, as well as compatibility with all major systems. Its anti virus engine is quick and can identify various malware as well as attacks that are phishing. It also comes with a web shield that blocks you from visiting unsafe or low-trust websites and keeps your browser’s cookies free of tracking data.

ScanGuard’s password vault is a fantastic feature to keep track of your important passwords. The software stores your passwords in an encrypted database, and only you have the password to access them. Scanguard will email you a link if you forget your password. Scanguard VPN service is a fantastic feature that allows you to ensure your security while surfing the web. The software secures your internet traffic and routes it through a global network of servers to conceal your IP address from snoopers.

Scanguard offers a wide range of privacy tools available and its user-friendly design makes it easy to use. The installation process is only 3 to 5 minutes, and it doesn’t require any complicated set-up. When tested on various machines, a smart scanner will take between 3 and 5 minutes. It will perform a quick scan and then start performing various system cleanup processes. This includes speeding up the boot process and removing junk files to free up space on your machine. It also deletes cached files and clean up your browser’s cache to improve the speed of your device.