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OWNED Pro is a Twitch chat bot that provides you with various amazing features to help make your streams more interactive. You can use OWNED Pro to endless custom commands, set up timers, and even moderate your chat. All you need is to download the software, run the installer, and you’re ready to go! In addition to getting Nightbot up and running in minutes, you also gain access to its vast array of features made specifically for streamers.

  • To anyone looking for a bot, this is a solid option, even coming with integration for games such as ​League of Legends ​and ​Apex Legends​ which are two of the site’s most popular titles.
  • It also lets you assign roles to members of your community and grant them role-based access controls.
  • If you have human mods, Moobot also makes it easy for you to assign tasks to them while you’re streaming.
  • If the bot is cloud-based, then all you’ll have to do next is follow any other setup instructions the bot has for you.
  • Twitch Bots have made possible moderation that was humanly impossible.
  • These regular viewers can receive loyalty points, which they can use to buy merch from your stream store.

Day-by-day Twitch is scaling in terms of technology, architecture and level of organization. Most of the features offered by Wizebot are technically less complicated variations of typical chatbot services. Of course, as a software program for enhancing your streaming experience, the normal feature cocktail of custom overlays animation commands is still there.


OWN3D Pro Bot is a really good bot for getting a quick, aesthetically pleasing setup. It can’t handle your moderation or anything like that, so I’d definitely pair it with either Fossabot, MooBot, or one of the other all-purpose bots above. If Fossabot were a little more put together I’d actually put it above Moobot because Fossabot is completely free while still offering a ton of awesome features.

Is Nightbot a chatbot?

Nightbot is a chat bot for Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo that allows you to automate your live stream's chat with moderation and new features, allowing you to spend more time entertaining your viewers.

StreamElements is the most popular Twitch bot as it’s feature-rich and easy to use. It’s very easy to set up, does everything I need, and is customizable. From best-in-class spam filters with endless customization, to our powerful blocked terms engine. Fossabot helps you and your moderators build the community you want.

Supercharge your live stream

Note that the Wizebot documentation is rather advanced and may be intimidating for those new to Twitch stream customization. Fossabot is relatively new to the streaming scene, but it’s already gaining traction as a Twitch bot. It’s completely cloud-hosted, so it requires no servers and backups to work.

chatbots for twitch

If your connection is dropped, you should try reconnecting using an exponential backoff approach. If you have no luck, try again in 1 second, 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 8 seconds and so on for the number of attempts you want to make. But be aware if you’re making multiple connections that there are rate limits that apply (see Rate limits). So, hey, if you’re looking to practice your social skills, AI Amouranth is there—so long as you have the cash for it. It may be a facsimile of the real thing, but it’s always nice having a shoulder to lean on—even if it’s artificial. We are a gaming and technology blog focused on bringing you immediate access to the best and latest gaming news, leaks, and rumors.

The ultimate high performance, feature packed chat bot for Twitch.

With the advanced commands offered by this bot, everything is possible. It offers the option of adding custom commands so that you can turn any idea into reality. All the data in this bot is powered by cloud, and it is possible to conduct raffles and giveaways. You can also use Deepbot for song requests, fun games, streamer chat and more. Twitch is undoubtedly the largest video distribution system available in the world. In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself.

  • Coebot is a comprehensive chatbot tool that offers several features, including custom commands, timers, giveaways, and more.
  • The first parameter has to be of type ChatEvent and the second one is your listener function.
  • What’s more, even when the user isn’t streaming, messages can be left on with a timer function.
  • Of course, as a software program for enhancing your streaming experience, the normal feature cocktail of custom overlays animation commands is still there.
  • Once you’ve identified a few chatbots that meet your needs, it’s time to

    compare their features and prices.

  • It’s a Twitch bot made by Twitch streamers, which really shows when you look into it.

The Twitch IRC server also sends your bot PING messages to ensure that your bot is still alive and able to respond to the server’s messages. While Twitch bots (such as Streamlabs) will show up in your list of channel participants, they will not be counted by Twitch as a viewer. The bot isn’t “watching” your stream, just as a viewer who has paused your stream isn’t watching and will also not be counted. Amouranth is incredibly tired of folks asking her to “whip a tit out,” though, something she said populates her chat pretty regularly.

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Nightbot is a chatbot that allows you to automate the chat in your live stream. It’s a simple approach to keep your conversation clean and tidy while also offering your viewers a better opportunity to communicate with you. There isn’t much else to say about Moobot besides that it’s a highly-functional, helpful and free solution that will help you take your streaming experience to a whole different level. This, and the fact it is a community-funded project that doesn’t plague its users with ads or scams or sell their data for profit.

Is there a chatbot for Twitch?

Twitch provides an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) interface that lets chatbots connect to Twitch chat rooms using a WebSocket or TCP connection. Once connected, bots can send and receive chat messages.

It can be used to moderate chat, track statistics, and even play games with your viewers. Moobot is one of Twitch’s most popular chatbots and has been used by some of the biggest streamers in the world. OWNED Pro is a Twitch chat bot that offers a variety of incredible features to help make your streams more engaged. OWNED Pro allows you to create an infinite number of custom actions, establish timers, and even regulate your conversation. So, we created a fully customized, white labeled chatbot to integrate with Mountain Dew’s Twitch channel – the first-ever branded chatbot on the platform. Getting a chatbot is relatively easy — often you just have to go to a bot’s website and sign in with your Twitch (or Youtube Gaming) account.

How do I set up a chatbot?

There are also fun minigames (like eight-ball) that your viewers can participate in during intermissions. Besides moderating the chat, Twitch bots can also create a bit of fun for viewers while you stream. They can take and manage song requests, hold mini games, give out special rewards, and keep your viewers engaged while they watch your content. Most of these Twitch bots also give you an insight into who your viewers are with stats about your regulars. On top of that, a lot of them are also customizable, so you can get them to behave exactly how you want them to. The way to retain viewership on our channels is to make sure that the viewership is being acknowledged.

This is important because it means Cloudbot is backed by great devs, which adds a lot of confidence to the product. Cloudbot has everything you’ll need in a chat bot from spam filters to minigames. These features can be triggered by viewers, recurring messages, or even your bot, adding layers of fun and interaction to your streaming experience. There are several live-stream platforms for gamers and content creators, and

Twitch is one of them.

Best Twitch Bots

Twitch sends the following Twitch-specific messages to your bot if you request the commands and membership capability. The messages your bot sends and receives depends on what your bot does and the Twitch-specific IRC capabilities it requests. If your bot simply sends out get up and move reminders at specific intervals, your bot can mostly ignore all other messages from the server. To send the reminder, your bot sends a PRIVMSG message (see Sending a message to the chat room). While Twitch mods can’t add a bot, you can give them access to them as an editor where they can add or change commands to help your stream run smoothly. The bot has several fun commands like a magic 8-ball, urban dictionary definitions, throw objects at people, hug people, or pick random numbers.

chatbots for twitch

You need to consider several factors before selecting a bot, including its features, price, and platform compatibility. If you decide to go with the OWN3D Pro streaming kit, we are confident you’ll make a good decision that will result in positive channel growth. Developed in a user-friendly way and packed with a registration-free login system, it’s one of the best bots for Twitch. When it comes to Twitch bots with a good reputation and multi-platform support, Nightbot is worthy of mention.

Command and message rate limits

It will help you grow in the early stages of streaming and keep things in check if you get an unfriendly guest. For new streamers, simple and easily implemented bots are usually best. One neat feature is that Wizebot allows viewers to place bets with their accumulated points, creating custom wagers. Clips can be created automatically through the bot, and it can even program periodic giveaways to occur without you even prompting. Botisimo isn’t anything new, but it has the basic functionality of the other chat bots and a few differences can be found too.

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The downsides are that there are going to be very little resources for setting up the bot and getting it to work. The upsides are that you won’t be paying a dime and you know exactly what you’re getting (especially with open source bots like Coebot). Its website is extremely barebones, and there’s absolutely no fluff going on. Wizebot boasts having over 100 features, but you can tell many of these features were made half-heartedly. Functions that you will get for free from pretty much every other bot on this list. Notice I didn’t demote Deepbot too much, though, because it still has a ton of features and they all work flawlessly.

chatbots for twitch

Resets the custom command prefix set by set_channel_prefix() back to the global one. Let your viewers interact with you through music, which increases their engagement and rewards loyalty. Your Moobot can make this a big encouragement for your viewers to follow or sub. Your Moobot has built-in Twitch commands which can tell your Twitch chat about your social media, sponsors, or anything else you don’t want to keep repeating. The chatbot supports you if you ever have an unwanted bot or troll in your Twitch chat. Twitch has a decent collection of third-party bots that’ll help you in many ways as a streamer.

  • Nightbot keeps a log of all its activities and actions so you can quickly figure out why a viewer was banned or a message was deleted.
  • However, you’ll need to engage in the Streamlabs Prime Program if you want to access extra features such as overlays, multistream, and sponsorships, which some users don’t like.
  • You won’t have one or many moderators to help you manage chats and other stuff.
  • Like some of the other bots on the list, it works on the cloud, so there’s zero downtime.
  • To further enhance their broadcasts and ensure a smooth streaming experience, Twitch streamers also use various Chrome extensions for Twitch.
  • You can find a lot of information about chatbots on the Twitch

    Developer website, and you can also find reviews and recommendations from

    other streamers in forums and on Reddit.

You should compare message IDs instead of comparing message strings, which may change in the future. And here’s what the message looks like if it contains multiple messages. In this case, the message contains the JOIN, 353, 366, USERSTATE, ROOMSTATE, and PART messages. After receiving a PING message, your bot must reply with a PONG message.

chatbots for twitch

Comparatively, Deepbot is actually pretty mundane, all features considered. But, it remains one of the most popular Twitch chatbots simply because it is efficient and convenient enough to integrate. But perhaps the main reason why Streamlabs is massively popular is due to it having all of the aforementioned features at no extra cost at all. So yes, Streamlabs can directly compete with other entries here as the most beginner-friendly Twitch chatbots that you can have.

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How do you chat bot commands on Twitch?

Just follow these steps to add a chat command to your Twitch chat: Open up the Commands menu from the main menu, then open the Custom commands menu from there. Type the name of your chat command in the Command name input at the bottom of the menu. E.g. Twitter if you want to use the command in Twitch chat like !